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Welcome to Education Bay School

Education Bay School has been one of the pioneer schools on many fronts. As you browse through the site, you will learn about our progressive horizons. The school has advanced towards excellence in academics and extra curricular activities. We are delighted to house one of the best faculty team for both the juniors as well as the O’ Level section, providing quality education with top grades and enabling our students to seek admission in the best colleges here and abroad.


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News and Events

May, 2019 - Over the Moon with EBS at Ramadan Moon Festival

This May, EBS was pleased to partner with Drama Mama, a beloved name in family edu-tainment, to bring Karachi families an amazing Ramzan-themed city-wide event called Ramadan Moon on 3rd and 4th May at The Arts Council! Dubbed as an event “like no other in Pakistan”, Ramadan Moon helps frame the season in a positive, festive tone for young children helping them to get excited about the season of fasting. EBians were given this platform to foster creativity, inspire fun, improve selfexpression and learn teamwork, confidence and compassion! EBians took part in Drama Mama‟s theatre production Fatima's Farm and sent entries for city-wide Art Contest “I Dream of Jannah” as well. EBS also set up a fun-filled educational Activity and Games Station at the Arts Council with quiz, games and painting activities for kids and adults alike.

February, 2019 - Traffic Awareness Day

Traffic Art Day, with Traffic Awareness as the theme, was held at Education Bay School in February. Students from preprimary till Grade XI participated in the activity and came up with brilliant pieces of artwork. The purpose of this activity was to inculcate the message of safe driving in students and increase traffic awareness! EBS also launched a campaign „Let’s Save Lives’ on social media in a bid to spread awareness about road safety.

January, 2019 - Annual Sports Day

The Annual Sports Day for girls and boys (Grade IV-XI) was held on separate days with great enthusiasm in the crisp and cool weather of January! Taekwondo display was the highlight of the event! The days concluded with an award ceremony rewarding gold and silver medals to winners.

February, 2019 - Field Trip

Secondary girls from Grade VI-XI went for an exciting fun-filled educational excursion to Chowkandi Tombs, Bhanbore Archeological site & Museum and a farmhouse in February.

March, 2019 - Collaborative Session with Pre - Primary Schools

Initiated by EBS, a collaborative session with Heads of different Preschools across Karachi took place on Thursday, March 28, 2019 on EBS premises. It was a healthy discussion about the need of likeminded schools coming together to build a brighter future for our children through teamwork in key areas like joint sports events, stage shows, research & development and teachers‟ training.

Taekwondo Championship, 2019

Ebians participated with great zeal and fervour in Young Tae Kwon Do Championship 2019 organised by Young Tae Kwon Do Organisation of Pakistan. 29 schools across Karachi participated in this electrifying event. Education Bay School won 84 Gold medals, 31 Silver medals and brought home Shield of Honour for securing 1st Position in Sparring! Kudos to all the super-talented winners and our superb Tae Kwon Do instructor Mr. Faraz Ahmed Jafery!

Art Competition Winners, 2019

Talented artists of Grade 9 - Rumaisa Samir, Fatima Asif and Safiya Saifullah bagged 3rd Position at Happy Home Inter-school Art Competition held at HHS O Level Campus this term! The theme of the contest was 'Connection' and our artists' drawing depicted the connection between man and nature using the Ying Yang symbol to show how man is inadvertently destroying Mother Nature. Hearty congratulations to the winners!

Scratch Game Winners, 2019

Muhammad Usman and Abdul Basit Tahir from class VII B were awarded the Star Child Trophy for Scratch Games Competition in CRC (City Robotics Competition) held at City School PAF Chapter in February. The Girls‟ team also brought home the Star Child Award for Explora Vision in CRC. Congratulations to the winners!

November, 2018 - International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest

Rabab Fatima Naqvi of Grade 5A, Sulayman Ali Samir (Grade 6) and Zakariya Ali Samir of Grade 7 won Bronze Medals and USB Data Cables for First position in the school within the respective class and at least 75% achieved. Ayesha Faisal Malik of Grade 8 was awarded Gold Medal and Power Bank for First position in the country within the respective class and at least 90% achieved. Heartiest congratulations to the winners!

Fun N Learn Activities in Primay Section

Primary students invited their parents for Art & Science Exhibition put together by creative students of Grade 1 & 2. Art displays, science experiments and pet shows amused all visitors. Primary students prepared various language games in Arabic and English, presented their class projects, recited poetry and engaged excited visitors in various hands-on activities that make learning fun!

Urdu Declamation and Elocution Contest

The contest in March saw a hearty competition amongst Primary and Secondary students who recited poetry and also showered the audience with their views on various topics with great stance and conviction. The Chief Guest, Mr. Faizuddin, awarded certificates to the winners.
Grade 4: 1st Zahra Naveed, 2nd Eshal Irfan
Grade 5: 1st Fatima Mansha, 2nd Ibrahim Irfan
Grade 6: 1st Ayesha Bilwani, 2nd Taha Hamza
Grade 7: 1st Amna Nasir, 2nd Umme Aiman
Grade 8: 1st Dua Saleem & 2nd Ayesha Faisal

International Kangaroo Science Contest Winners, 2018

Abdullah Ahmed, Mohammad Mustafa and Muhammad Arham Hashim of Grade III won Bronze Medals and USB Data Cables whereas Zainab Sultan of Grade 4 was awarded Gold Medal and Power Bank! Heartiest congratulations to the winners!

ICATS IT Contest Winners, 2018

Safiya Saifullah of Grade 9 was declared Provincial Topper and awarded First position within the respective grade at Provincial / Regional level. She won a GSM Smart Watch, Silver Medal and Certificates of Distinction & Participation. Muhammad Munir Iqbal and Saifullah Ejaz of Grade 8 won First position in the school within the respective grade. They were awarded Bronze Medals and ICATS Appreciation Pouch!

HRCA Art & creative Writing Contest, 2018

Ebians from Grade I - IX participated in HRCA Art & Creative Writing Contest held on school premises. Atikah Tariq (X-A) won Bronze Medal in this contest! Heartiest congratulations to the winner!

December, 2018 – Field Trips

An excited batch of Pre-primary children went to Dolmen Mall, Clifton for fun-filled grocery shopping trip. Students of Grade I & II took a coach to Danzoo Zoo located in Bahria Town and enjoyed a zoo-pendous experience with amazing animals. Grade III-V took a trip to the famous cultural hub on Pakistan’s Seaport – Port Grand and enjoyed various recreational and entertainment activities lying in wait for them. Lunch treat from McDonalds was an added delight!

November, 2018 - Pre-primary and Primary Sports Day

Our younger lot from Pre-primary section and Grades I-III had a fun filled term that culminated in the Annual Sports Day attended by parents in November. Children dressed up in cute costumes and participated in various races. The parents’ race delighted the audience and students went home with medals awarded by the Chief Guest, Mr. Azeem Durrani.

November, 2018 - Cricket Tournament & Interschool Table Tennis Competition

Boys from Grade V & VI participated in Lecole Interschool Under 11 Cricket Tournament as well in November. Zahra Zaheer from VIII-A participated in Interschool Table Tennis Competition held at Dawood Public School on November 1st, 2018.

October, 2018 - Futsal Tournament

Secondary Girls from XI-A also participated in Interschool Throw Ball Competition held at Dawood Public School on 31st October. Secondary Boys participated in Futsal Tournament organised at British Overseas School on 26th October. Boys from IX-B took part in Interschool Boys Futsal Tournament held at Haque’s Academy.

October, 2018 - Arabic Activity

The first term saw girls and boys from Grade 6 and 7 bring Arabic Language into action on 'Arabic Activity Day' - a fun-filled mini-event where students entertained themselves with mind-boggling language games. Vocabulary Games like crosswords, labelling and a lot more rattled everyone’s brains!

September, 2018 - Basketball Tournament

Boys (Grade VI-X) participated in Lecole Interschool (Under 12, Under 14 & Under 16) Basketball Tournament held in September.

September, 2018 – Farasat-e-Urdu Competition

The Urdu Department held Farasat-e-Urdu Competition for students of Grade VIII-A and VIII-B in September. The competition tested students’ knowledge about famous Urdu authors and their writings, vocabulary, spelling and proverbs. The competition was held between four teams, namely, Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Haali and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. Allama Iqbal Team bagged the First position with outstanding performance amongst girls whereas in boys, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Team won the First place.

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