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Welcome to Education Bay School

Education Bay School has been one of the pioneer schools on many fronts. As you browse through the site, you will learn about our progressive horizons. The school has advanced towards excellence in academics and extra curricular activities. We are delighted to house one of the best faculty team for both the juniors as well as the O’ Level section, providing quality education with top grades and enabling our students to seek admission in the best colleges here and abroad.


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News and Events

November 14, 2017 – English Activity Day

14th November saw Ebians from Grade 7 and 8 bring English Language into action on 'English Activity Day' - a fun-filled mini-event where students and their parents entertained themselves with mind-boggling word games and feasted their eyes on colourful thematic displays students had prepared in class. Language Games like Plexers, Rebus and 4 pics one Word, to name a few, rattled everyone’s brains!

November, 2017 – Winner at HRCA Mega Events Science Quiz

Ebians from Grade I & II participated in HRCA Mega Events Science Quiz held on school premises in November. The English & Science Quiz is a national competition that provides students the opportunity to compete in in-person English & Science Quiz contests against and alongside their peers. Momin Baghpati (II-C) won Bronze Medal in this contest! Heartiest congratulations to the winner!

November 7, 2017 - Interschool Shadow Puppetry Competition

This year Education Bay School yet again broke away from the usual Interschool Elocution and Declamation Competitions, and introduced a challenging Shadow Puppetry Competition. Different schools of Karachi including Karachi Grammar School, PECHS Girls’ School, Mama Parsi Girls’ Secondary School, B.V.S Parsi High School etc were invited to our premises. Ebians girls’ team from Grade XI performed on ‘The Tale of Three Brothers’ at the auspicious event. Mrs. Rubina Naqvi, Director TRC Workshop Programme and Ms. Khadija Mahmood, a playwright and lecturer, were invited as outside judges to review the participants’ skills. Ebians tied First place with B.V.S Parsi High School! Congratulations to all the winners!

Oct-Nov, 2017 – Exciting Field Trips

An excited batch of O Level Boys went on a domestic 4 nights, 5 days excursion field trip to Lahore and Islamabad in October. Students had a whale of a time at Rohtas Fort and Khanpur and brought back unforgettable memories! Students of Grade VII & VIII went to an educational field trip at Integrated Dynamics – a drone manufacturing facility at Korangi Creek. It offers design consultancy, subsystems and turnkey solutions for sUAS/UAS/UAV development.O Level Girls (IX, X, XI) visited Dream World Resort on 25th October.

Sept-Nov, 2017 – Participation in various Interschool Contests!

Maryam Shah of VII-A (English topic), Muhammad Munir Iqbal (Urdu topic) of Grade VII-B and Abdul Haseeb of XI-B participated in Interschool Bilingual Declamation Contests held at Reflections School. Waniya Naseer and Rehab Asad of Grade XI-A participated in All Pakistan Bilingual Declamation Competition held at D.A SKBZ College. Jannat Kamran of Grade VIII participated in Interschool Letter Reading Competition whereas Izzah Khan (XIA), Ezan Zafar (VIIB) and Fatima Tariq (VIIA) participated in Art Competitions held at Happy Home School! Zaeem Ali (XI-B) won 2nd place in Interschool Qirat Competition at HHS! Izzah Khan also participated in Interschool English Declamation Contest held at The City School. Fakeha Salman participated in Art Competition whereas Ramsha Nusrat and Suha Ahmed of XIA won Second place in Pakistan Quiz Competition on Patriot’s Day Celebration at The Intellect School.

September, 2017 – All Pakistan CEATS English Linguistic Contest Winners!

Students at primary and secondary levels participated in All Pakistan CEATS English Linguistic Contest held on school premises on 20th September. Safiya Saifullah of Grade VIII was declared National Winner and awarded Gold Medal and Distinction Award Shield with ten thousand rupees. Sulayman Ali Samir (Grade 5) was declared District Winner! Parisah Arif Badar (Grade IV), Rabab Fatima Naqvi (Grade IV) , Amna Jaseem (Grade V), Zakariya Ali Samir (Grade VI) and Rumaisa Maryam Samir (Grade VIII) were declared Class Winners.

September, 2017 – Science Safari

Students of Grade 4 & 5 held Science Safari - Activity Day on 28th September. They presented numerous experiments and project displays under themes like Habitat, Eco Systems and Human body to name a few. There were various thematic display stalls and fun-filled interactive experiments and activities for parents and students. Project Displays and experiments spoke volumes about the knowledge and skills of young Ebian scientists.

Sept-Nov, 2017 – Participation in Interschool Arabic Declamation Contest

Azzam Ali Tasadduq and Abdul Momin (8B), Hamna Mehanti (7A) and Rumaisa Maryam (8A) participated in Interschool ArabicDeclamation Contest held at Reflections School. Hamna Mehanti (7A) and Rumaisa Maryam (8A) also participated in Interschool Arabic Declamation Contest held at The Intellect School.

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